Brewtown, Newtown, Snoooozetown

New York City went crazy over the cronut. It finally made it's way into the Sydney shores at the Brewtown Newtown in Newtown. It just taste like a croissant with a krispy kreme like glaze but anyway here is a little recap from that day.


Surry Hill's Markets

Spotted this little furry one at Surry Hill's Markets today. 

I would like to have added more photos onto this blog entry however I wasn't satisfied with the other photos I took at the markets. But this one was just too good not to publish. I just can't get over how cute this little guy is!

Check out these markets for vintage goods and second hand books and knick knacks. (Open on the first Saturday of every month).


Somewhere between Osaka and Kyoto

Places between Osaka and Kyoto that I felt were not strong enough to have its own individual posts. So here is a random collection of different points between Osaka and Kyoto.


The Colourful People of Japan Part 2!

The colorful people of Japan part 2! Here is another collection of interesting people I saw whilst I was in Japan.